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Rohun Transformational Therapy

Ro-Hun Transpersonal Psychology


Ro-Hun Card Session

The goal of a Ro-Hun Card Session is to locate and release the single most important emotional block that is holding a person back at that time from expressing his or her full potential.  The card sessions are particularly appropriate when dealing with a specific emotional issue. 

Each Ro-Hun card session will address only one emotional block. Each block we have may pertain to the present life or a past life. All emotional blocks are caused by our reaction to the acts or ideas of ourselves or others; we then take on a faulty belief about ourselves that is not in our highest interest. The session will show the circumstances, people, thoughts, feelings, and actions of that previous experience (Past Life Regression) so that you can understand how that previous experience is still affecting their own life today. You created the block in your energy field, and only you can release it.  By reliving the experience that led to the creation of the block, you can now understand why you created it.  With this new knowledge available to your conscious mind, you can now choose whether or not you want to keep the negative pattern or release it forever.  If you choose to release it, you will be guided through a process which releases the negative pattern forever and replaces it with its opposite, positive, healthy vibrational pattern. Session time is 1 hour. Fee: $150



Ro-Hun Cleanse Session

The goal of Ro-Hun Cleanse Session is to locate and release, in a relatively short period of time, emotional blocks that are holding a person back from expressing his or her full potential as a successful and loving human being. 
During the Ro-Hun process, the mental body is energetically re-patterned by removing faulty thought forms and belief systems and replacing them with positive beliefs about self, and the emotional body is re-patterned for more harmonious energy flow by releasing the negative reactive energy associated with the released faulty thoughts.
Ro-Hun Cleanse Session is a single 2-3 hour session.  Introduces the client to the gentle, supporting nature of Ro-Hun.  Heals and releases issues with your parents. Releases feelings of unworthiness, fearfulness, helplessness and being judgmental of yourself and others.  Releases your Inner Child to increase spontaneity in your life. Fee is: $300
Ro-Hun Purification Session 
Deep emotional purification and cleansing of each chakra is the goal of Ro-Hun Purification.  All major victim energies will be released from your Human Energy Field.  Balance of male and female aspects of Self is achieved.  Receive more in depth Inner Child work than in Ro-Hun Cleanse.  Release faulty thoughts stemming from parents negative emotional patterns and understanding these thoughts do not have to be your own. Be OK with the fact that not everyone is going to like you. Connect with your Higher Self to receive Spiritual guidance.
Ro-Hun Purification consists of 3 sessions within 3 days. Each session is 2 -3 hours. Fee for 3 sessions: $900
Ro-Hun Skim

Following The Purification Process, skims clears remaining faulty thoughts and negative emotions, as you prepare to release any remnants of victim energy. Skims are done until that energy has shifted and “Caged Energy” shows itself. 
Schedule 3 weeks to 1 month after completion of the Purification Process. Each skim session takes 2-3 hours. Fee per session is: $200
Ro-Hun Caged Process

The RoHun Caged Process is about discovering how we have been abusing ourselves with certain faulty thoughts and feelings, leading to challenges within ourselves as well as the abuse of others. The unmasking and releasing of the shadow side within yourself, gives you a renewed sense of power, clarity, and freedom.  The process is challenging, revealing and enables you to receive a deeper cleansing of your chakras, while dealing with issues that may have been working against your highest good for several lifetimes or longer.  
4 - sessions help you build a bridge between your old perspective and your new, more vibrant reality. Length of sessions are 1 1/2 to 3 hours each.
Fee for 4 sessions is: $950


The Divine Mother Process

This process is designed to assist individuals with using the power of their will and their voice (the word) to heal mother-induced spiritual fragmentation, psychological imbalance, and emotional entanglement. Activating the Divine Mother aspects within ourselves gives us access to guidance and the energy needed to complete our creations and give birth to anything we embrace with our hearts. This process in one session. $300.

The Origins Process

When the spirit of man became individualized, the soul and the ego were born, each with a different idea and focus. In the Origins Process one is taken back to the time of individualization, back into the Source, to heal the break with the Divine and the illusion of separation. The Origins Master RoHun™ Process integrates the soul and ego and brings them back together into unity and awareness. This process is in done in two parts. The first part, Soul Clearing, heals the soul of its original imprints of faulty thoughts and reactive selves. The second part, Ego Clearing, heals and releases faulty thoughts and feelings passed on to the divine child by the soul at the time of its separation from the Source Light. Each session is 2-3 hours and are scheduled the same day. Fee is $500 for 2 sessions. 


Androgynous Healing Process 

In this Process is about healing the layers of internal war between the sexes, the battle of the heart and the mind. The feeling body, the heart is female, and the thinking body, the male is mind. These two are not in harmony, and this conflict is continuously played out in male female relationships. The male/female Process works deeply with the kundalini to heal the drama and feeling of war between the male/female, which can only be healed from within. The therapy integrates the heart and the mind so that conflicts are healed, thought and feeling work together in harmony, and healthier relationships are attracted into one's life. In this process there are a minimum of 3 sessions. $900 for 3 sessions.

In the event your needs exceeds three sessions there is a $300 charge per session.

Seven Visions Transformation

The Seven Selves are the archetypal energies residing in our seven major chakras.  When we are born we enter into the world of form with deficient human potentials.  The goal of the Seven Selves is to guide us in obtaining a collective expression of wholeness.  This is the end point if individuation.  The Seven Selves inTransformation refine the seven channels of light essential to spiritualizing matter.  In the process you are provided with a rare opportunity to recognize, discover, understand, and enlighten your thoughts and feelings on every dimension of your being.  You will learn how to assist yourself and others to know and access the power of the heart, and to systematically create a dynamic synergistic team within to heal yourself and to filfill your purpose.  There is a minimum of 3 sessions in this process.  $900 for 3 sessions.
In the event your needs exceed three sessions the fee is $300 per session.



Mental Constructs are negative belief patterns about your self and others that were created by the inner child out of pain, and they are not in alignment with divine thinking. These belief patterns repeat over and over again in our lives and create devastating life experiences. You will learn to understand the triggers that send you into the repeating patterns where you think negatively about yourself and others resulting in self-sabotaging life lessons.

Heart Vaults reveal your deepest negative emotions of how you feel about yourself and others that were created by the inner child out of fear and suffering. These fears created in our heart are fear of nothingness, failure, abandonment and death. As human beings we all share these fears.

Abdominal Tanks is where your inner child fled and created illusions of fear, pain and isolation. The fears create powerful negative emotions in the lower chakras. These are shadow aspects of the inner child that create disease to attack the physical body. The shadow aspects are mainly subconscious and unconscious and create destruction in your life without you even knowing it. You will discover how you have been locked into these negative repetitions.

The process of Constructs, Tanks and Vaults (CVT’s) purifies the mind from destructive patterns. You will be guided to create exit plans to set yourself free and to understand your inner child which provides you with the opportunity to heal and transform into your Divine Self.

There are 4 sessions, each lasting about 3 - 4 hours. Fee is $2000.00 for all four sessions.

  • Ro-Hun Card Session $150
  • Ro-Hun Cleanse Session $300
  • Ro-Hun Purification Sessions $900
  • Ro-Hun Skim Session $300
  • Ro-Hun Caged Process $950
  • Divine Mother Process $300
  • Origins Process $500
  • Androgynous Process $900
  • Seven Visions Transformation $900
  • Additional Androgynous/Origin Sessions if necessary $300
  • Constructs - Tanks - Vaults  $2000     

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